Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Leif !

Leif is born a month ago today.

I just wanted to post it here in case someone is not in my facebook !

Not like anyone should be reading here still, maybe i should archive.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Im alive, i just had to edit out stuff from my blog. Hmmm So much to report, Im buying new glof club, vero is getting an operation for his teeths. My job is nice, all is going wel right now. etc !

- Carl

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


So my friends Simon and Sarah started a blog since they moved to Shanghai to work. Simon is working for Ubisoft there and they probably exploit thousands of chineses doing the artwork at the same time.

This is the new link:

Im still waiting on Simon to start our buisness to sell china stuff here, they make copy of everything, we should find a lucrative market someday, I need to update my other post too. Soon !


Quick resume:
- I ordered 2 tails lights for my car (mine got broke by someone). 90$US + 40$ shipping, i checked with my nissan dealer it was 150$ for ONE light and 80$ for the instalation....
- I checked with them for my windshield that got a crack, 566$, so I called this place at Laval 230$, god they are expensive at Nissan
- I also ordered a 2GB MS duo for my PSP which is cracked with the 3.10OE firmware its very cool, load any ISO, everything is so easy now.
- Im level 66 (67 tonight) at WoW on my priest, i have been slacking everyone is 70 already, Vero is almost 50 ! Very nice
- I got a couples of gamecube games its always fun to play, i finished prince of percia sands of times, im on Warrior within, then i will try Two thrones after. I got also the simpsons, madden, nhl, and thats about it
- Vero got the approval from the Quebec gouv for the immigration, she still need the federal one thought, we hope to get it, maybe go mexico end of the year
- My new job is great ! Since im permanant here, I got a nice salary increase, I got pay overtime (I work a lots thought), and im pay too for support on the pager. Im getting very nice pay check, its help a lots, i needed it bad with all my debts.
- When im going to do my taxes, i will cry.
- Pride 33 at Phil place last weekend was cool. Judith baby is coming soon, she is getting quite a belly.
- I still love my new TV, god bless 1080p even if i have nothing to use it
- I need a PS3 someday for that
- Vero french is getting very good. (even if she said she is bad)

Thats it for now !

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Everything and nothing

Stuff I want to talk about: (Major post editing coming this month :)

Police ticket
Poker nights
Job - New one !
Car - Windshield

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Alive? No Im death :)

You should read Vero blog instead :)


Friday, September 08, 2006

Still alive

But no motivation for blog right now. Not sure when I will start again since I cannot do that a work.

- Got a new laptop today Inpiron 6400 very full equip
- Need money
- Lots lots lots of stuff
- Still waiting my cell phone I ordered 3 weeks ago (its getting very bad)
- Quebec poker tour next weekend, I work there with vero.
- New tactical-clan.com hosting, and we did a nice BBQ last saturday, we have a nice picture on the web site somewhere
- World of warcraft, playing a lots again. Vero started. Hopefully with 2 pcs we will be able to play together more
- Vero got her Visa extention until feb 2007
- I need to order a new bed next paid check the 15 sept. Its a Tempur-pedic kind of bed, on ebay. Very cool in Viscoelasticity, whatever the foam developped by the nasa.
- I did a budget to realise we very short in cash
- I need to survive until april 2008, by then 1 loan and the car will be finish to pay (like 800$ a month in my pocket to paid the rest of the debt).
- Else life is going ok !
- I wanted to do a big post full of pictures, hopefully next month
- My FTA receiver isnt working anymore been 2 months, but last news said thats would be working soon

Thats it for now !

Mooooo !

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Some kind of summer updates

- Got a new job, going to sign contract today
- When to play poker in 2 poker club in mtl, was cool - 60$x2
- Kevin and Anika left back yesterday for california, basically we did a tons, La ronde, going out (2 Pierrots, boite a marrius, irish pub, st-sulpice, sofa, etc). Not to mention all the others stuff. We went to the mont-royal tam-tam also, saw Annie-Claude there.
- Went to the waterpark (Pointe-Calumet) the week before was very cool
- Strangly I never been so busy and nothing to write, probably because I dont write daily or often
- Playing world of warcraft a lots, almost level 50 (on 60 level, then after, raid time)
- I enjoy my gamecube, nice thingie
- I'm going to need a cell phone, since i will work as a consultant
- Need more poker games at home but everyone is busy during the summer
- Party a David new house 12 august
- Need to start playing poker on the net again
- More to come i guess later ;)

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Small quickies

I know, blog is like really not in my mind anymore, its something i used to do every morning at work. Im late reading everyone else blogs. Sucky, but well it's how it work. Vero had 2 friends from california this weekend and next weekend here so we busy as usual. It's like the summer in Montréal, always full of activities.

Still no job which is bad, no picture of wedding posted yet.

Working here on the ramp and stuff, very busy !! Hopefully i do a big updates "soon" (tm).

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Update will be coming later !

Parties, job hunting, Wedding, F1, rinse repeat so much I did, so much busy !

I need a place to host pictures I think :)

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

a 300$ dollar night from a bonus !

Poker post:

2 days ago, I was watching 2 quebecers play on the partypoker million dollar tournament (tourney are all sundays and the winner get 155k). Porcelet from Sherbrooke won it ! (congrats again) and another guy Ph1lledingue, finished 4th with 55k (he also won his WSOP seat on pokerstars as the same time!!)

Anyway, I check in my account PP gave me 20$ BONUS to play again. I say what the hell ;) I went and put 10$ in a heads-up match. I win - 20$, I then play a 6$ sit n go, I win I get like 48$ in my PP account or something. Last night I decided to spent the rest of it... I went to cash table .25/.50c, get up to 80$ in like 30 minutes. I do a 11$ heads-up, i win 20$, I do a 22$ sit n go - 6 players, I win 75$, I do 2 sit n go at 11$ 10 players, I won both 50$ each, during that time, I was play on a cash table. I put 50$ - when I finished my night I was up to 150$ on that table :)

All around, I did 320$, did get 280$US, Im just going to spend the rest around and try to bet big ;)

It's funny to play when it's not your money, I play a lots more aggresive, it paid well yesterday.

What a night !

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Oh yeah I have a blog !

Without work, I have been a tons busy around. I guess I don't have time for the routine stuff I was doing at work ;)

Been very busy, a lots of interviews (3 this week), I finished to work last 2 week (2 june). Since then, I have bought my Gamecube (should have it tomorow or soooon !!).

We finally found and bought Veronica dress for the wedding ! We paid more than expected, but it was hard to find. We still need to find some sort of rings now. We actually found a nice one (yet more than we wanted to paid :/) on the southshore, but I think she said it take 3 weeks to make. Geesh we don't have that much time ;)
I might have a picture of the dress later, when I get the permission !

There is a video of my camera I took like 1 month+ ago of the tamtam on the mont-royal. Note that the video was cut and compressed a lots (the original version is like 400 megs and 5 minutes, compressed was down to around 25 megs. It always depend of the quality you want anyway, there we go:

Doing a poker night friday, it's been a long time ! Didn't got much reply yet but still 5 days to go anyway. Saturday it's the Quebec Poker Tour #4, I decided to work there again, it's in Gatineau. That's cool because they were missing peoples to be on the floor, Vero is going to work with me. It's not much money but still, better than nothing.

Simon, the house owner here is back for 2 months. (He was gone 4 months). He is probably leaving in august then september for china (another 4 months) then I think he go back where he was another 4 months. All good for me, he is doing a lots of cleaning and changes around. Like he will install doors this week.

Not sure what else, my memory forgot ;) Some more shopping, some theater, some show, some beers and not going to work the morning is wonderfull, not having a pay check every week is terrible ! Hopefully, I get a job in the next 2-3 weeks max. I have very good chance this week, we shall see.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Weekly update ! :) (long one it's for all week)

Yeah thats more like it. Anyway what's up in my world ? Hmmmm
- Simon is coming back friday (I wanted to do a poker game that day but I cancelled the project), thats also mean we not going to be alone anymore at home. I have no idea how long he will stay in montréal thought. We shall see !

- Date of the wedding: Thursday 29 june, 1h30pm. We are waiting the documentations on that part to know "how it worK".

- Been working at the QPT #3 this weekend, well saturday. Interesting experience, funny to be on the "other side" and see peoples lose / win getting bad beats. I was giving the name tag at the entrance then after I was a "runner". I go at a table when there is an all-in called. Then I take the tag and the position of the table when someone die. It's pretty easy, but it's a LONG day. Been there at 9h30am, left around 1h15-1h30am. I was also answering rules question when asked. But some situations are pretty tough. (guys turned a card too fast, then burned an extra one).
I will probably do it again in 3 week (17 june) at Gatineau if the organisation still need my help.

- Still looking on ebay for a gamecube, been shopping for a long time. I might buy a very big system fiday it will depend of the price (one has 26 games, boongo, dance floor mat, 7 controllers, etc.).

- 3 days of work remaining here, Im still looking for a job unfortunatly. I still apply a lots, no interview thought this week since last week was pretty dead. Did 2 applications yesterday, looked good. Im getting a lots of feedback at least so far. Hopefully I get something quick.

- We went to see Da vinci code last friday at the Paramount downtown, there was SO many peoples, first time I see that much there. 5 theaters for Da vinci, 5 for x-men 3. We got there I think at 9h45pm for the 10h00 or something representation of da vinci. The women in front say "x-men 3 full until 12h45am". You get the idea, on the 3rd floor there was like 7 huge line-up. None for Da vinci which was good. The movie itself not bad but a bit boring. Looked like some lack of actions or hmmm a bit too long I dont know which part. Didn't really got out excited about it.

- Me and Vero played Tennis for the first time, well that was her first time too playing tennis. I think she find it more difficult than planned ;) We still have a lots of work to do. Im not a good teacher, that doesn't help. We have to go play Golf next and maybe Badminton, Roller Blade would be cool too. We did renew her subscription to aerobie, pilates too.

- I was thinking about summer plan (hopefully I will have a job by then to pay everything), La ronde once at least, firework start 17 june, golf, lots of beach, jazz festival, sports ?, more pokers (hehe), some show, St-jean soon, Canada day after. Hopefully will be an enjoyable time !

- Theater next friday (we going to see a comical piece)

- I forgot to post a video of my camera (Sony T9) still, but it's really good quality

- I need someone to paypal me 10,000$ at carl.olsen@gmail.com so I wouldn't have to work all summer and I could pay everything I need to pay. Wouldn't life be so easy that way ?

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

My daily update !

Of course daily could be interpreted differently :)

Ok this say, I really have to rechange my picture on the right, it's way too dark and boring. I want to put a new one I got, but I have been lazy. It's the same for the BBQ pictures I got this saturday, been lazy putting them on the web for friends.
I should post 2-3 here, It was a fun BBQ, with small rain but still !

Sunday, I went to brother place. he rant a "container" to throw away a lots of stuff. He did a lots on friday and saturday, so sunday was relax, we finished to destroy the garage inside (the floor mostly) and we were putting the stuff in the big container. We stopped like an hour when the sun got "out" to do a ride of his new Harley Davidson. Pretty cool !

Monday was more relax, we went to the grocery, biggest grocery I have ever did (not impressive but still 220$). Not to mention there was only 2 items over 10$ (garbage bags and toilet paper) I have to post a picture of the receipt!

I had an interview yesterday at TD Meloche Monnex, pretty impressive for the IT, they have 350 peoples only for that (like 4000 users). It's big, I have no idea if I did good or not. I usually have a good feeling, now im clueless.

Else I have been looking for a gamecube on ebay for the last 2 weeks. I'm not in a rush. First I wanted to buy a gamecube with 3-4 games and everything for like 60$US. Pretty cheap, then I realised some rare auction have gamecube with 20games+ sell like 100-120$ US. let say 15 games at 5$ is 75$, pretty cheap if you ask me for original games. Only game I will have to find/buy is Mario Kart:Double Dash, some Mario Party and RE4. but later.

I only have 7 days of work left or so. Today, tomorow, friday I finish at 11h00, then next week. Right now I have to focus on listing what I have left on my task list. Cleaning my laptop, backuping my stuff, syncronizing my address book, etc.

Friday, May 19, 2006

New blog open !

Hey seem like Vero was motivate enough yesterday, she started her own blog to talk about her life here in Montreal !


Of course it's brand new, but more to come for sure !

Going to change my profile picture again, I was testing yesteday for a new one and got bored. That one is too dark

Monday, May 15, 2006

Pictures fever !

Note: I didn't post the 30 sec video yet I had of the tamtam and blogger reduced all the picture to 1024x681 something like that. They are usually way bigger ;)

Mont-royal pictures at dawn, I was doing test with the night mode on my camera

Then we went back 2 weeks after I think, it was a sunday of tamtam, there was so many peoples there, it was crazy. There was a lots of peoples at the tamtam and a medival game thing, lots of peoples on the road going up too. It was a nice sunday for sure.

Renovation ! We changed the door outside (I was drinking beers). Still missing the paint and the sandblast(?) But it look quite better now.

Then we did the stairs inside, quite a work, it was way longer than expected. It's missing a lots of pictures here:
A picture of the top stairs finished
We have to finish the basement now. As you can see the old one, it's going to be quite a good upgrade ;)

My brother got his harley davidson saturday ! It's missing some customization but still look great:
Vero modeling !
Me testing out the suspension:

The dogs, lola and malcolm:

My poker table (I had to fit it somewhere):

The flowers we got for outside, we went shopping at the Canadian tire !

The last picture is my friends at last saturday poker tournament, I finished 35 on 107 players, I did play good for 3 hours, then pushed on a great hand to double up, I had a lots of possiblities, but I really didn't got lucky. They were playing a side game while waiting for me to finish.